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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bandipur and Kabini - September 2017

Spot-bellied Eagle Owl

This time my co-brother "Manjunath Desai" bought a Nikon D5 and we decided to spend three nights in the forest!

Though this is not the season for wildlife photography as the monsoon was still on, it was fun testing the low light capabilities of the D5!

The de-weeding is still to be taken up!
Brown Fish Owl
31st August, 2017. The 235 kms, "Bengaluru - Bandipur" drive via Mysore was smooth and we were settled in JLR Bandipur by Noon. We did four safaris inside Bandipur National Park of two and a half hours each during our two day stay at Bandipur. We saw a tiger, plenty of Gaurs and some elephants. The high for me though was a close encounter with a "Spot-bellied Eagle Owl! Plenty of woodpeckers too!

White-bellied Woodpecker
These Bats can be found hanging near the parking lot at JLR Bandipur!
2nd September, 2017. After the morning round at Bandipur we had a quick breakfast and drove to Kabini. The 120 kms drive via the "Nugu Reservoir" was extremely pleasant! Very soon we were having lunch at JLR Kabini! The one night stay at JLR Kabini that included two safaris inside the forest was quite uneventful for us though we did see a tiger! In fact during our evening safari I was not able to click one single image! A record of sorts for me!!

This lone male "Wild Dog" was injured..
She just slept there for the entire morning as hundreds of eager tourists came for a view!
3rd September, 2017. After breakfast we drove from Kabini back home via Kanakapura. Another fine drive! Another fine trip into the wild!

Vijay Cavale