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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bandipur - June 2017

In June I made a family trip to Ooty. After a quite week at Ooty we came down to Bandipur for a couple of days. We checked into JLR Bandipur on the 19th June by noon and checked out on the 21st June before noon. Two nights, four safaris. 

This large male Tiger had made a Gaur kill...

Though venturing into forests in monsoon has its disadvantages, we were quite impressed with the vibrant life in the forest. On our first safari, five minutes after entering the forest we had a very brief encounter with a tiger!  A female tiger upset with our intrusion quickly dashed off into the bush! Later that evening we found a huge male tiger rolling in the grass after feeding on a gaur it had killed. Though we did not see the actual “kill” we could smell it! Also, nearby, we noticed a Ruddy Mongoose feeding on the rotting leg of a gaur as a King Vulture landed on the tree!

Ruddy Mongoose feeding on a Gaur's leg....

Red-headed Vulture

Our four salaries yielded a lot of wildlife including Elephants, Gaurs, Sambars, Spotted Deers,  Wild Pigs, Hanuman Langurs and a Sloth Bear too!

A Tusker charges at us....

Crested Hawk Eagle

The Gaurs come down to feed on the fresh grass after the first rain...

Hanuman Langur - Always alert!

Family Dinner....

Peacock Dance

Ruddy Mongoose

Sloth Bear
Stripe-necked Mongoose

Always fun to be in the forest…

Vijay Cavale
Bengaluru, India
June, 2017 

Brahminy Starling

Large Grey Babbler