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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


2015 was a bit slow in terms of bird photography!

02nd to 4th March 2015 – JLR, OMH.

In March 2015, I went to OMH (Old Magazine House), JLR  at Ganeshgudi, Dandeli with Ananta Murthy, Vishwanath A and Kulashekara C S.

It was more of the same. Happy to get the "Malabar Barbet" though!

Malabar Barbet
Read detailed report of my previous visit here - OMH 

4th and 5th March 2015 a - JLR, Sloth Bear Resort, Daroji.

After the morning session at OMH on the 4th March 2015, we drove to Hampi and were shooting our first bird at the JLR, Sloth Bear Resort at 3.30 PM!

The main attraction was the “Painted Spurfowl” that came to the waterhole. We could easily shoot this bird from the hide made inside the resort.

Hide at JLR
Painted Spurfowl
Indian Eagle Owl
The drive along the canal next to the JLR property is very good for birding. Among several intresting species like the Painted Sandgrouse and Red-headed Bunting, we spotted a dozen “Indian Eagle Owls” as we drove along the canal.

22nd to 25th March 2015 – JLR, Kabini.

This time I went with my son and wife. As usual Kabini was full of wildlife. Some great photo opportunities. A super male tiger resting on the banks. A mother tiger with her three cubs. A leopard mom with her two cubs. Several Elephant heards were the highlights…

Tiger beating the heat!
Leopard Cubs...
18th May 2015 – Jlr, Bandipura.

This time Anantha Murthy, Vishwanath A, my son Arnav and myself spent a day at Bandipura before proceeding to Bokhapuram.

A super large male tiger was the highlight!

Tiger at Bandipur...
19th and 20th May, 2015 - Forest Hills, Bokkapuram, Masinagudi.

From Bandipura we drove to Masinagudi. We stayed at Forest Hills. Sameer Jain, the owner, is a keen birder and has put up a birding hide in his property. I was able to photograph the Red Spurfowl from the hide…

Hide at Forest Hills
Red Spurfowl
Just travel…

Not much photography after this though I did travel a bit with family.

9th to 17th August – Bhutan.  ( wonder why I never went there before? )
30th September to 05th October – Goa. ( Always a pleasure )
20th to 26th December - Cochin. ( Surprisingly refreshing! )

New Lens!

In September 2015, I got the Nikkor 200-500mm Lens! At first touch I knew that from now on this would be my “go to” lens. Simply because I could go hand held. Going hand held is a major advantage when it comes to photographing hill birds as the birds come up close and the photo opportunity is brief. Most the birds remaining for me to shoot are in the Himalayas!

Mottled Wood Owl - First shot with the Nikkor 200-500mm Lens! - Hand Held!!
Add the latest Nikon D5 (to be released in March 2016) to this lens and the combination would be fascinating for any bird photographer!  I look forward to this in 2016…

I have already booked my trips for Jan, Feb and March. See you then!

Vijay Cavale