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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

New “Nikon D4” hands-on at BRT! – May, 2012

Another step forward!

“A wonderful new day begins at BRT”

As if to encourage me in my endeavor to photograph all the birds found in India, the “Nikon D4” arrived in April. The first few shots were from our garden…

The first good shot I got was that of the “Pale-billed Flowerpecker”! and then that of a surprise visitor to our garden, a “Great Tit” I also tried some action shots of the tiny flowerpecker searching under the leaves and then a Shikra chasing away a Black Kite.

“A Pale-billed Flowerpecker searches for food.” 

“A female Shikra chases a Black Kite!”

And I even tried my hand at shooting the “Super Moon”!

“Super Moon – Bangalore - 06/05/12, 2:18:36 AM” 

Awesome Camera! Now I do not have to worry about the weather conditions, I thought. It was time to go out and shoot some birds! This time I decided to try my luck at BRT…

“ BRT” or “Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary” is a "Tiger Reserve" situated in the state of Karnataka about 200+ kms from Bangalore City.

Saturday, 19th May, 2012. I drove in my “Thar” with a friend to the outskirts of BRT where he has a small place and plenty of open space. I was able to focus on many common birds once again as I began my journey with the Nikon D4.

“Crested Treeswift ” 

“Indian Hare” 

On the 21st, by Noon, I checked into the “JLR” property at BRT for a three nights stay. Kulashekara CS and Vishwanath VN joined me and the three of us went on a few wonderful safaris into the lush green forest. The pre-monsoon showers had just started!

“South Indian Tree Shrew” 

The forest was vibrant. My first shot was that of a “Tree Shrew”! I had never seen one before! We as usual had a couple of wonderful encounters with elephants – what is a forest without elephants!?

“Asian Elephant - Mother” 


There was plenty of bird activity in the forest. Photographing birds is as usual tough in any "Tiger Reserve". Shooting is strictly from the safari vehicle. There will be other guests in the vehicle and one cannot leave the safari road or stop for more then a few minutes at any point…

“Brown Fish Owl” 

“Lesser Goldenbacks” 

We met up with VMR (IFS) who is in-charge of BRT now. Though he was extremely busy with the on going “Elephant Census” we found some time to catch up after a long gap. I was happy to meet with his young and talented daughter who goes to school in Bangalore and has taken well to wildlife photography!

Plenty of “wild Pigs” inside the JLR property…

A “Hanuman Langur” feeds on tender leaves…

I returned home on the 24th with some important hands-on learning. On this trip a majority of the images I shot were in poor lighting conditions! The D4 is a powerful state-of-the-art camera that works very well in low light conditions. The best. However, one has to take extra care while shooting in harsh light.

Please visit  “Indiabirds” for bird images...

How about a visit to the Himalayas next? Surely, the D4 will be a great asset in those low light conditions!

Vijay Cavale
May 2012