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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

More of the same?

Out there every day is different! I for one am never tired driving off to Bandipur or Kabini at the drop of a hat! Look what I found on this yet another visit to Bandipur in September...

This wonderful Changeable Hawk Eagle feeds on a Bonnet Macaque!

My plans of going up North for birding in April failed. In May, I made a family trip to Kabini. May 05th to 8th I was wandering in Kabini. The usual, a leopard on the tree (though this one was a bit out of reach), plenty of Elephants, Gaurs and a pair of Otters by boat!

Kabini means Elephants!

Late May and early June found me wandering in China with family and friends. Amazing the things they eat there!

28th to 30th of JulyI was in Bandipur with MNJ. We had a jolly good time enjoying the forest in the monsoon. On the 30th, during the morning round we spotted two other vehicles that were tracking a tiger. They waved to us and soon all the three vehicles were lined up one behind the other with everyone staring into the greens where the tiger had disappeared. I was thinking – gone!

Tiger ignores us...

Suddenly the tiger broke cover and slowly marched in our direction! Closer and closer he came and lo! He actually crossed the road in between the first two vehicles! Why on earth would he choose to move in that 6ft gap, when there were only three vehicles in the whole forest – I wonder? … and then he was gone! This animal will never stop fascinating mankind I am sure.

August was mostly rains. I tried some Macro at home. This Mantis sat in more or less the same location pouncing on small prey for the 15 days I tracked it!

Learn patience from a Preying Mantis!

September, I was back in Bandipur. 09th to 13th my son and myself had a wonderful time roaming the forest and met many a nature lover. We spent the first two nights at KP’s and the next two at JLR.

On the 11th we saw this wonderful eagle feeding on a Monkey! Perhaps one of the rarest sightings in all my ten years of photographing birds!!

On the 12th we saw a group of Plum-headed Parakeets gorging on Parthenium Plants. They would cut the stem and carry it into the trees and being feeding on the seeds! Parthenium is considered a useless weed. These parakeets were quite happy feeding on them...

Parthenium eating Parakeet!

Share the joy folks!  See you soon...

Vijay Cavale
September. 2011