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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gir - January, 2010

A nature lover visits the famous “Gir National Park and Sanctuary” in Gujarat, India mainly for one reason, to see lions in the wild. I did that for the first time in January, 2008. Read that report here ->"The Asiatic Lions of Sasan-Gir!"

"A lion rests at Gir"

This time (my second visit), with the help of “Yogendra Shah” a great nature lover who lives in Gujarat and simply adores lions, we were able to locate a unique place to stay. A small tiled house in the midst of a wheat field outside Sasan!

Lakha Bapa Ki Wadi!

We spent three nights in this very basic accommodation and very much enjoyed our stay. This place is called “Lakha Bapa Ki Wadi”. Lakha Bapa, now about 80 years old, began tilling this land over five decades ago. “Jhuman Bhai” the eldest among his four sons is now continuing to till this land.

Lions passing through Lakha Bapa Ki Wadi!

It was a unique experience for me! I learnt that the entire family, are vegetarians though they live among the loins! All of them work very hard for a living and are very much in tune with nature. They lead a simple, tough and fearless life. They are quite used to lions passing through their fields and are actually happy when the pride stops for a drink! “Jhuman Bhai” and his family seemed glad to have us and did everything they possibly could to make us feel comfortable. Though the facility was basic, I felt relaxed and very much enjoyed my stay there.

A young lion takes a good look at tourists!

Kulashekara, Viswanath and myself reached “Gir” by road from “Porbandar” a bit after noon on the 19th of January, 2010. We made five trips inside “Gir” with the help of Yogendra Shah and Jhuman Bhai until the 21st, saw plenty of Lions and enjoyed ourselves! At one time we came across a pride of nine lions feeding on a "Spotted Deer" they had just killed!

Lions feeding on "Spotted Deer"!

This time I carried my video camera. Below is the video for your viewing pleasure….

"A Glimpse at Gir" - Jan 2010 from Vijay Cavale on Vimeo.

An unexpected and pleasant sighting...

"Red-headed Vulture"!

We left “Gir” on the 21st morning and drove straight to “Velavadar” for another adventure in wild India! Very many thanks “Yogendra Bhai” for all the help!


Vijay Cavale
January, 2010